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Just dabbling in Krosmaga.
Awaiting the next instalment of Wakfu/Dofus/Ankama Animation that gets released in English.

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When I try to run Krosmaga, I get the message above.
Support only seems to be involved with Login issues, and not this, so here I am in the Technical Forum seeking help and reporting my issue.

It has been working fine all month (November) then *Poof!* All shut down in December!

Of note: I am NOT on Steam in any way, and am running the Stand Alone Installer.

Please help!

Pasted log as follows:

Error : U04020081
An error has occurred. Restart the updater and contact Support if the problem continues.
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OK, I am still fairly new to the forum and surrounding scene, so please bear with me...
That said, what is available in deck construction software and listing/showing decks that have been built?
I have seen a number of decks listed, but I am unsure as to exactly how to show what I have. Add to that, there are implied (french) software/apps available for building decks, but I can't seem to find anything in English.

A little help for us n00bs, please?
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Hello, fellow Krosmaga players!
I have been quietly playing in the background for a while now, and am (finally) getting around to playing the Dungeons. That said, I have looked up the page for general tactics for beating the Midgin dungeons, but the advice seems to fall flat for the 3rd part "Beardamon's Bad Mine" and the once functional decks are acts of futility now.

Any advice for beating the "Bearded Wonder"? I'm all ears!