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Thymos Sacrier Lvl 115 Nox
Lefou Ecaflip Lvl 65 Nox
Thymos Kaedis Sacrier Lvl 52 Remington
Ashlotte Pawns Huppermage Lvl 52 Remington
The Spaniard Rogue Lvl 46 Nox
Leefou Ecaflip Lvl 43 Remington
Gourtard Lagann Iop Lvl 38 Remington
Aes Est Xelor Lvl 34 Remington
Aes Xelor Lvl 33 Nox
Externus Opticus Drivus Foggernaut Lvl 30 Remington
Thymos Helm-Splitter Sacrier Lvl 10 Nox

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For example, I have 4 characters in Nox and 6 in Remington. I haven't bought slots for 10 characters, what will happen when servers merge? Will some be deleted or kept in temporary spots?

I'm really hoping I don't have to delete some and that the merge lets us keep those slots we don't technically own until we delete a character and then it's gone. Similar to what GW2 did.

Sorry if this has been asked before, I snooped around a bit and didn't find much on the topic, and thank you for any answers...
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We want it back, Ankama. It must come back, even if it makes every other fighting stance look like poo in comparison.

Being the best at everything, even flashy fighting stances, is a Sacrier's goddess given right. So bring it back, please?

In case someone hasn't seen it: