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By Th3-J3st3r - 2012-02-14 01:20:53 in Cra
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I was thinking of changing to a str build. I'm lvl 176 and I looked at Moo and Obsidemon. It looks like (including all the +earth dmg and stuff) that they would add about the same attack power but Moo gives 1AP where Obsi Gives crits up to 13 (moo doesnt). Obsidemon is also one fewer part than Moo. Do str cras usually try to get 1/2 on their weapons? I'd really like to have that extra AP. I'd also consider using a custom set if someone could provide a viable alternative. Any modifications or suggestions...
By Th3-J3st3r - 2012-02-09 15:42:31 in Meetings
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I go to college about 30min outside Lexington. My friend quit and I'd love to get another player I could coordinate with in real life and be a real team again.