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By Tempus-Mage - 2015-06-29 14:01:59 in Ogrines
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I enjoy Ankama, but they hate making it easy to give them my handfuls of cash. 5 months ago I submitted a ticket about how my Credit Card was suspended indefinitely and PayPal wasn't going through for me to buy Origines. They informed me that credit isn't available where I am (US) and that they were looking into PayPal. As far as I have read the PayPal thing was because of a security breach or something and now the option is gone all together. So I spent most of the night trying to buy some O's with...
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So I was looking at that sweet 5% bonus xp for securitizing my account and decide to click on it. It took me to my account page and I noticed my mobile number is super out-dated. I attempted to change it, but it will not let me - it only gives an option to add a home number. So is there anyway to change it?
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It has been awhile since I last played this game. I used to play on the Heroic server with a handful of friends and the other day one of them brought up the idea of playing again. We got on and went all nostalgia-mode with our respective characters and then started up some new ones.

We went to the beach, which was popular for leveling way back when, and after a bit - he got aggroed. Not a big deal, we are vets on this server so we were used to it, however it would not let me join the fight to help...