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I started a thread about a month ago talking about the issues that Cra creates in the game.  I still believe Cra is a problematic character, but part of why the upper level players don't really see that issue is because Iop is actually so much more problematic.

So this is where things have apparently come full circle.  On the forums, most people complain about Cra constantly and are basically told otherwise by the higher ranked players claiming that Iop is the real nightmare.  So what's the deal,...
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I see a pretty fair amount of threads talking about "Cra being OP", and in most of them there are upper level players that respond with a mixture of "get good" and "they have lots of counters".  So what's the deal with Cra?

There's a few things to address.  First, Cra are intended to be a beginner friendly god, and they certainly fill that role: creatures with clear and obvious benefits, spells that are all direct, simple but surprisingly versatile, and generally solid cards that help encourage...