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Apri Umbra Masqueraider Lvl 132 Nox
Final Fire Pandawa Lvl 103 Nox
Whiskey Sour Sram Lvl 71 Nox
Jin N'Tonik Enutrof Lvl 15 Nox
Nhosut Ouginak Lvl 12 Nox

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So I have a 129 Sacrier and I'm switching him to Fire/Air with 31 points for Chance I'm trying to figure out the best way to spread it. I've tried a few different setups:

20 Crit Chance, 11 Berserk damage.
20 Crit Chance, 11 Crit Damage.
20 Block, 11 Berserk damage.
20 Crit Chance, 11 Block.
20 Block, 11 Crit Chance.
31 into Berserk damage.

I feel like if I spend any in Berserk damage I should spend my first turn punching myself in the face till I hit 50% so I can take advantage of it, especially...
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Hello fellow Eliotropes!

So my Eliotrope is 120. I am an Air/Water portal play Elio. I'd like to eventually go rage/tri spec but that gear is expensive and I'm still pretty new to the game, I dual box a 125 Pandawa with my Elio, but those are my highest characters. Currently I have 10AP/6MP and I am wondering about possible combinations. My setup is:

Wakmeha, Pulsation, Whirlwind, and Barrier.
Siphon, Ethereal Burst, Tempest. and Unleashed Blade.
Portal, Exhalation, Time Breach,...
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I haven't played for a pretty long time, when I did play I had a 60 Fire Sac, 42 Fire Sram, and a few mid 20-30s, What really soured me the most was that once you got post 30 the leveling seemed to just be getting into big groups and farming the same mobs over and over and soloing became completely obsolete. Now, I don't mind grouping but I also like to solo from time to time, especially since I don't have large windows of play time to dedicate to a group. I made a few new characters just to mess...