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I think I experienced a bug today with the card Anathar.
His text reads, he takes control over his opponent when he gets attacked.
One of my minions attacked him and then got controlled by my opponent, nothing special there.
But when I played a new minion on a cell diagonally to Anathar, it instantly got also controlled by my opponent.
I don't think that is how he is supposed to work, it seems like he had a "mindcontrol aura" around him. I imagine this "aura" activates only after the counterattack...
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this was like the first thing that catched my attention after the Sadida rework where the seed reserve got introduced and it's bothering me since then.
In my opinion the two reserves should change their places. Right now the Seeds are closer to your AP while the AP Reserve is closer to your cards. Since the AP reserve is directly connected to your AP (in fact they ARE just AP) and the Seeds are basically cards (they even were actual cards before the rework) it would be the only logic thing...
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so 1 or maybe 2 hours after the expansion got released on December 12th there was a maintenance which made a little change to the Feca basic cards. Two commons got swapped with one uncommon and one rare. So players who did the unlocking match after the fix got 3x Igor Tex and 3x Jeanne Kholmine for free while players who unlocked Feca before the change got Saul Armissyl and Shosanne I think. I did the unlocking match before the fix and I got the missing copies of Igor and Jeanne after I logged...