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Tavish Degroot Iop Lvl 182 Nox
Gokai Black Rogue Lvl 163 Nox
Aspis Degroot Feca Lvl 162 Nox
Commander Tavish Osamodas Lvl 146 Nox
Deliotav Eliotrope Lvl 139 Nox
Tavish O'Malley Enutrof Lvl 139 Nox
Tavish Degroot Iop Lvl 1 Dathura

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EDIT: Dy7 confirms that it's 10 armor per AP. The description is wrong.

According to the spell description, 5 Earth armor is gained for each AP used under the Pillar state. That armor should be effected by the Iop's Earth damage, just like a Feca's Shields. However, the amount of armor gained in game is different than what's on paper.

Here are the armor gains of an Iop with 462% Earth damage. Devastate should give 140.5 armor, Shaker should give 56.2 armor.

With 926% Earth damage. Shaker should...
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The Lost State will only apply to enemies on crits, and never on non-crits. The spell description states that it applies on both.

By Tavish-DeGroot - 2014-08-28 23:29:37 in Iop
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Sabi|2014-08-22 21:00:29Iop:
Stun is now 4 AP loss (and you can dodge this loss). You will be able to stun bosses. Stun chances are doubled on Rocknoceros and Charge spells.
This applies to all stuns, not just stuns from Iop spells. Lost AP from stuns gives 40% hyperaction.