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(En) Hello everyone, everything good?

I wonder when it will be, March, April? because if you are very far away I will spend my "gold" with infinite card evolution

(Fr) Quand la prochaine expansion, mars, avril? Si cela prend plus de temps, je vais passer mon "or" avec l'évolution de la "card"

thanks for listening !! ^^v
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Hey, everybody!
I'm having difficulty gaining in the dungeon, even at lvl 1.
Does anyone have any hint or know of a deck with win rate strong in the dungeon?
By Tanuky69 - 2017-08-02 18:46:46 in General Discussion
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I have an infinite card that has suffered "nerf" and is to be rebounded. My doubts are as follows:

"Is it worth having Count Harebourg, or can I turn it into" eggs "?

- if I "renounce" Count Harebourg I continue with the other 2 card of 2 and 3 stars?

- if I count Count Harebourg until lvl 9 would I earn the renbolso equivalent to 3 infinity cards? (1800 rebolso x3)