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My friend has a problem with subscribing his account. He paid for 1 month with credit card yesterday at 10 p.m. and his account is still f2p. The money on his bank account are still showing as reserved for the transaction. Doeas anyone experienced something similar?


The problem is no more! Bank had some issues and after mere 2 days the subscription was on.
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I've subscribed for a week a while ago. When I wanted to assign the shigekax to my character, everything seemed to work, apart from the fact that the assigned items were not present in my invetory. Logged out, logged in, the assign-gift-screen popped up again, so I repeated the procedure. The outcome was still the same, so I tried with other characters, but to no avail. I've restarted the client, cleared the cache, logged in, logged out and I'm still unable to receive the gifts. Is there anything...
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Wouldn't it be nice to be able to change the colour of your Dora Bora to black and red? There are many items which colour is either hideous or don't match your character's style. That's why, I suggest to implement that idea into the game. As I'm no programmer, I shall omitt the technical side, but my concept consists of a special item, lets say, a gem, which could be created by level 50 miner. That gem could be used only by costumagus and jewellmagus just like a signature rune, to change the set...