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Idemu Cra Lvl 113 Nox
Frigost Sadida Lvl 112 Nox
Ti Kto Takoi Feca Lvl 110 Nox
Lift Yourself Pandawa Lvl 104 Nox
Ratata Baby Rogue Lvl 67 Nox
Dussisset Enutrof Lvl 3 Remington
Shout It Out Osamodas Lvl 2 Remington
Saursaucer Foggernaut Lvl 2 Remington
Esesta Masqueraider Lvl 2 Remington

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Hey im Idemu of the nox server
a veteran dofus player
its hard to be a wakfu player for me example i was told a good hero system 3man team
is Dps,Feca,Sadi supp
cra is 111 feca 110 and sadi 110
Feca is tank pure with Glyphs( fire/Earth only) and feca hammer,metoride and shields(magma etc)
Sadida mostly Cha/Str using some air spells for dmg buffs
i use lone sadida for better dmg/mp reap/heals unless i see the fight is going south i pull out my heal/mp reap dolls
feca ussually grabs monsters tp's...
7 1777
Hey i came back to wakfu 2 days ago on Nox server
i atm play 96 stassis fog and 2heros lvl 72 atm sadi and feca
hmm by what i understand if you complete the Unabridged achievment in kelba
you get the mount/harness but it isnt specific about what is it i gotta do and how long is it
i mean it shows you need 3 achievments to get this achiev
but in those achievs theres more
and im all lost and wiki is more dead than the community in dofus lol
so if some 1 can give out this 5 minutes of hes time to write...
2 815
Hey i joined wakfu after a bout 1-2years
my forum tag says im a beta tester but i didnt get anything for it? heard some people did. but its ok i didn't come for this
i wasted 2-3 weeks playing a 3man team(Dofus ruined me)
lvled them all to 71-74 and learned that it all was a waste horrible stated bad combination.
major waste of time. putted all pts to element...
i made an xelor its int now lvl 76 0 points to int this time i already learned
ap/mp/ra/crits i can solo alot of stuff but its boring...