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So, as the title says, I'm thinking of making an alt very soon, but I don't know which of the two would be best to work with my all support eniripsa. (Notice, I'm an odd build person, so don't criticize me for what two classes I want xD.) I've been thinking between chance cra or an agility iop. I will most likely scroll, (well, I sort of have to with both), and I'm gonna leech either one of them to level 100. Thank you for your time.
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Going through jeweler's market I decided to look up minotot stuff in case of future levels, but when I typed minot I found mumminotor pictures, making me think wtf? I thought these thing were never made. They still had no stats shown on them (even though there was a previous look at the set way back in 2006 so we have a general idea). If we aren't getting the set ever, why would they add pictures of it in 2.0? I'm just wondering if we'll ever get minotot, might make me want to make a cha osa if...