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Takadamus Sacrier Lvl 83 Nox
Ondylas Sram Lvl 82 Nox
Triciala Feca Lvl 82 Nox
Ser Takadus Sacrier Lvl 79 Nox
Ser Bosko Ouginak Lvl 77 Nox
Lady Sorahlia Iop Lvl 75 Nox
Lady Takarita Sadida Lvl 72 Nox
Ilia Takedus Sram Lvl 23 Nox
Amsradael Takedus Sacrier Lvl 22 Nox
Kelia Takedus Eniripsa Lvl 22 Nox
Sakuya Takedus Xelor Lvl 15 Nox

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By Takadus - 2019-02-15 16:12:21 in Sadida
4 1451
Just some notes after experimenting with my Sadida's stats and how they impact dolls. Probably obsolete information for those who have been playing longer, but it certainly helps me figure out to build for doll abuse.

Health - Ratio remains approximately the same between varying health amounts for Sadida. UP is about 30% max, Block is about 20%, Inflatable and Greedy are about 10%, and Sacdoll and Madoll are about 5%.

Elemental Resistance - 100% of the Sadida's Elemental Resistance (at least through...
By Takadus - 2019-02-14 04:10:19 in Sadida
4 1270
You know, that guy that actually likes to play a doll-focused Sadida. Granted my Sadida is fairly low level still (50 or so), but I was hooked when after blocking a single PvE enemy with three Greedies and a wall (Reaper Grambo to be precise).

However ... lately dolls either die too quickly or don't deal enough damage or have wonky AI or, as is often the case, a combination of all three.

I am using a God Booster at the moment so stats gained through leveling can easily be reallocated for now, but...
6 548
Howdy, semi-new player here (actually pretty new with less than 200 hours on my account still) and I'm enjoying the gameplay despite some technical difficulties.

However reading through guides for how to spec into intelligence, something has been bugging me: while there is a general contention for optimal points in Barrier or Healing Received after a full 10 in Elemental Resistances, %HP as Armor seems to be ignored entirely.

Why does this bug me? Because in the worst case it is the same as putting...