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Bottle Huppermage Lvl 124 Rubilax
Tainub Masqueraider Lvl 46 Rubilax
Lanze Eliotrope Lvl 31 Rubilax
Onett Feca Lvl 8 Rubilax
Polvomancia Sadida Lvl 6 Rubilax

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By megasstrdex - 2010-06-11 04:03:09 in Suggestions
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Mainly to compensate the total power of each creature as a way to balance the current class... so regardless of the number of summons the power will remain almost the same.
By megasstrdex - 2010-06-11 04:03:09 in Suggestions
17 3418
I would like to see a drastic stat reduction % in all summoned monsters based on the number of invocations... not just damage.
By [Kaoly] - 2010-06-10 14:47:22 in News
38 19695
Everspace's set looks awesome, I'm glad he won!
I'll be looking forward to see the sets in the game, but I would still like to see the rest of the entries.

Btw... GoldfishGod won twice, didn't he?

Congratulations Everyone!