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Simple i need fast kamas sooo im selling Allistair headgear ,boots,ring , Ogivol cloak,belt, Fuji ring,headgear,cloak , Broucey Belt , Peccary blade , mush cutteers , Major Acrobat , Madiliyn Bow & Plum/Ebony Chamo lvl 100 All for only 28mk CHEAP considering they are mostly above average.
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Since the Update my Zaapi,Zaap,shop,Npc menus have been freezing on screen for me till i enter a battle or reset to character menu and relog. if it happens once in a while this isnt a problem , however it happens often and is getting to the point where its very annoying. Any solutions?
By TRansporterk - 2012-06-27 06:02:10 in Suggestion Box
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I say you should finally create leggings and Armour. I am sure everybody would be excited and think its a great idea. For example Torso gives resistance and defensive stats, as leggings give Strength, Agility Move points etc.