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Greetings players and Ankama Staff!

As i have hit the time to leave this game I feel like sharing how I has improved and expierenced Dofus over 10 years! Not everyone is such a long player so here is my story that I want to share.

I have failed, been permabanned, experienced, loved and learned!

The first years.
If I have to believe my forum date I started playing Dofus around the date of 16 July 2006, which isn't even that far from my birthday. I found Dofus through friends at school. They were...
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Before we were able to hit " P " to see everyone's name on the map right away. And there was a button for it. Next to the highlight items button.

Did it got removed or a bug? That function was really good for people hiding in places. D:

If it got removed, any reason why?

Edit: Heard hte shortcut still works, but I have that for something else. So I wonder now only the bold part.
By Sywe - 2016-01-14 23:33:10 in Suggestion Box
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