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In one of the previous updates many low level items were converted into ceremonials which was a really nice change, however it was also a bit disappointing it didn't included Invisible Set as well. It seemed reasonable to do so as this set was introduced for purely cosmetic purposes.

My suggestion is simple: make invisible items ceremonial.

I understand that this may decrease the interest in mimisymbics, but i think there are a lot of beautiful items in game which still make them attractive for...
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I found an issue with Xelor's spell Petrification. Accordiong to the description it should decrease its AP cost whenever it hits the target in the Telefrag State but its not working on allies.
There is a similar problem with Shadowy Beam. The spell should deal damage in the area if it hits the target in the Telefrag State but again its not working on allies. 
Shouldn't both of them activate their additional effects on allies? (similarly to how other Xelor spells are working e.g. Water Clock)...
By Sylivvannus - 2018-10-19 19:01:59 in Suggestion Box
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Hello Everyone, 
when i was playing with Xelor i thought about some ideas that could improve Telefrag related mechanics and their preview. 

1. Synchro
This tricky summon gains power bonus whenever the Telefrag is generated once per turn. At the moment it is represented by its increased size and the Telefrag State symbol above it. This is misleading, and while more experienced Xelors will have no problem with it, beginners may mistake the symbol above Synchro for the real Telefrag State which will...