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By Syawla - 2011-12-17 05:50:25 in Suggestion Box
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Mean Trolls are Mean. Don't be one.

So anyway we were on the DOFUS IRC Click here one day and Lurking had this great idea for a CARE BEARS set. Of course it was a joke, but I took it seriously, and decided to make it, cause ... well, cause I'm Syawla, that's why.


CareBares Set is born.

It's really an Incarnation now cause Capslok invented this awesome weapon that can't really be classified any other way, when she made her AMAZING DRAWING.

That's Primerib in the drawing, by the way....
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Well, hello there!

I'm Sya, and I've been a Dofus addict player since around, um... 2005? 2006? I don't know. I keep quitting and going through withdrawals coming back

I've been on Rosal since the beginning of Rosal, though I vaguely remember starting on Rushu. Now, for personal reasons, I am starting anew on Solar.

I know a few people there... some really awesome people, and I already have an awesome guild. But I would be very happy to meet more people on the server. I enjoy a lot of company...
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Never mind, apparently I'm just a moron.

Thank you.