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Hello fellow forum users,

I am here with yet another suggestion!

In 2.10 most classes will be changed a lot making some scrolled characters points useless so why not letting us get our scrolls back?
We are able to reclaim our spell point scrolls so I see no harm done if we could reclaim character point scrolls as well. The fact some people scrolled their accounts and now 2.10 update makes those accounts pretty useless is kinda of lame. If you are going to ruin the game then at least make it good...
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Hello fellow forum users(!),

I am back with yet another thread.This time with some suggestions / fixes that I'd like to see done in the future updates.

Add honor points penalty for hiding wings.

Now pvp is kind of stuck and broken for me and the lack of active low level pvpers bothers me. The fact you will only get 2 - 4 fights per day because of the ability to hide wings without honor penalty makes it even harder to find a target with wings on. Basically people hide their wings and then come...