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Right now they can be pretty but I'm hoping they will also get a use besides an extra chest. Such as crafting tables, planting crops, maybe more chests of varying sizes, healing stations or even mobs? This would make houses obsolete but right now they pretty much are anyways.

They'd have to cost quite a bit to put in but I think it would be fun and it would give me a reason to use it more often.
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I'm thinking of maging my bubotron hat to be +0 range, how hard is that to do than say maging an exotic range on an item with 0 range to begin with? Is it even possible? Helps appreciated.
By Swauve - 2016-10-10 02:11:13 in Suggestion Box
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tl;dr at the bottom, your welcome to read my reasoning though! The main suggestion is a revamp, not that we need to use my ideas for said revamp but that they are ideas to be mulled around and improved!

The markets are incredibly inefficient right now. The fact it has gone on this long is ridiculous and it has worked for us this far but I feel we would be much better off if we improved upon it.

Having a more efficient way to get items from your bank to the market would do wonders on the economy....