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Been playing for...awhile, made a lot of good friends and enemies, obsessed with Sacrier and Feca class
Approachable (i think)
thats it i think
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(most of what i say is referring to lv200 content, some issues may lie at lower levels aswell but i am purely talking from this perspective)
I will start off by saying that i personally don't think the enchanting update is a bad system, i think as a basis it is a good system, but it has negatively impacted many aspects of the game, those aspects i will go over, but first, here are my views on what the enchanting system needs added:

Negative returns: For every roll that doesnt add another slot, increase...
By Suspect-- - 2019-08-13 17:18:38 in Sacrier
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*Note: in this guide i will be using terminology that does not exist in the game, these are my own terms and i will do my best to explain them
*Other note: Most of this is for players that already know the In's and Out's of the Sacrier class and its spells
If you want a more in-depth view of the sacrier's spells i suggest reading my Part 1 guide

Art of Phasing: [Mostly PvP]
As is well known, Sacrier is a class with a larger health pool than most characters
With most level 200 Sacriers having 20,000...