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By Suk3N - 2021-01-23 20:36:58 in General Discussions
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Hello there dear Wakfucommunity! 

I played this game since beta till 2014-2015 i think (when 150 was maxlvl), back then i enjoyed this game a lot, the superbosses (cant remember the names) like the pig, the magmasheep,... were really fun.

Now that im back an wanna play some wakfu i have no clue what is going on and i could need some help..

In chat nobody answered my questions i had. e.g. what is item identification and how do i do it? xD

Is there a english or german guild that could take me...
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Hello everyone.
Maybe you have seen the (very funny in my opinion) droplist of the Shushuboss already.

But now look at this:

You cant tell me we were simply unlucky xD
But it wasnt the first try, is that the reason?
If yes,did ankama say anything in that way?

Im glad to hear your answers.

Greeeeeetings :3
By Suk3N - 2014-01-30 10:23:04 in Sram
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Hello everybody

would + Heal do anything with the Steal spell?

or is it a fixed value of the % from the dmg you deal on Backstab/side