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I have approximately 2 million kamas on Solar. I started fresh on Rushu and am wondering is there any way which I can transfer this money in any shape or form.

Thank you!
By Suddyyz - 2015-12-09 08:03:41 in Problems and solutions
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Hey, i've been trying to get back into Dofus.

I've opened old files and after the patching it worked, but everything was french. When I closed it and tried changing language etc etc - It said the game did not shut down properly. I deleted all the Dofus files off my computer and reinstalled. 15 minutes later this is popping up. Please help! Thanks


Update: Now this is happening.

By Suddyyz - 2015-12-09 07:42:54 in Rushu
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Hey all, me and a mate started Dofus back in 2008 (1.29 WOO THEM DAYS GUYS)

And both of us were on and off. I have some accounts on Rosal (this) and like we're going to start anew on Rushu.

If anybody can help us start, that would be amazing. A guild, an adventure set or somebody we can talk to while we play would be amazing.

Thank you so much!

Take care