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By StrangerDanger - 2010-12-26 07:33:07 in Pandawa
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Hello dear community of the English side.

I am a long time player, (I was a beta tester for v1, when dofus was just coming out)but I just recently got a subscription. (Today)
This is the first time I have a subscription, but I've had multiple characters level 20+ (Crackrocks get boring, y'know?)
Seeing as it's my first time having a subscription, I immediately jumped on making a Pandawa, but unfortunately :

1. Seeing as it's my first time being a member, I don't know any good P2P training spots...
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Hello all who enter this thread.

I'm a dofus player, who's been playing since beta, but 2 years ago I had to stop playing because of some things.

Now I come back, and plan on making a Sram, but I don't know what build is better!

I've never had a character past level 28 (Level 28 Sadida) because I could never pay for this game, but I think I will be able to this time around, so I plan on getting to at least level 70.

So my question to you, what type of Sram is the best Sram? I don't want to leave...