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By StonedCherri - 2014-06-27 22:38:16 in General Discussion
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Hello guys, so I really want to know where do you begin Crimson Quest and if someone can explain what do you need to do in it, also is it hard?? I have lv 199, lv 200 and lv 198. Can I do it?

And sorry if I missed the topic  
By StonedCherri - 2014-01-12 22:20:35 in Iop
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Howdy guys,
I want to make SoJ, Kolo Iop
I will be around lv 150ish.
Can it be devastating??, and what items to get?

Money isn't problem.
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So Who do you guys think was the most buffed char in the game and the most nerfed?