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By Stillgrave - 2009-01-26 01:28:39 in Professions
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Ok, so it's been awhile now since I've left and come back to dofus. After some issues I had to start my character over, and now I am a carvemagus. This system's changed since I was gone, but I noticed something rather odd today.

Maging a twiggy staff using Fo Runes I received 50 experience points.

Maging a Dakn Staff using Fo Runes I received 25 experience points.

Maging a 110 spear using Fo Runes I received 25 experience points.

For those who don't know a twiggy staf is a level 2 staff that...
By Stillgrave - 2009-01-08 20:23:24 in Professions
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Well.. I've been playing dofus for over 3 years now, and I've found that I enjoy the gathering professions more than the crafting professions. I make money more regularly as my lumberjack than I do as a staff carver/carvemage (given the fact that the staffs can go weeks without selling and the wood will sell in a few hours). I've taken the alchemist profession as well, though now I am curious. What I'm considering is this, dropping staff carver/carvemage and taking a 3rd gathering profession instead....