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Since pebbles are in alot of recipes I am kinda forced to do kolo. But kolo is not fun because of someone having disconnection every 2 minutes. I know its not an issue on my end because I ran my internet via lan and have never connection issues. Well expet for kolo. 

On top of that its obvious that the company is doing 0% to fix that. This issue was know a year ago as well as the buggy  text in the kolo register form. They couldnt even fix this in 9 -10 month since I last played kolo. A...
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Hey people,

I just realized that equipping the major delayer doesnt change your mp reduction stat at all. Im not sure if its working anyways because its a bit hard to test.  I asked a friend and he told me that on his enu the major delayer doesnt change stats neither so I quess its a generall bug.

Anyone knows whats going on?

By Sterntaler - 2018-02-01 13:34:39 in General Discussion
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It was not the first time that I had to raise my eyebrow over the subscription offers floating around in the shop.
The pricings make no sense at all but this one was really too much for me.

The special deal was 1 month + 6000 ogrins for 20 euro 
while two other regular offeers are 3 month for 15 euro and 6000 ogrins for 10 euro.
(both regular bank transfer)

So everyone with a little sense for math can see that you special deal number 1 here is just a scam. Youll effectivly lose 5 bugs if you are...