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I am with you on this point, I have all the trades in different characters because there was not always the availability of a blacksmith for example, also as I like to improve my own items I also had to resort to that option so having all the trades would not reduce my social interaction because I no longer need it and seeing it from another point of view would increase it, as currently I can only offer up to 6 trades but with the character I have connected, leaving aside the social option to offer...
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In The Cania Fields, south of Bonta, the legend of the "Bak Bak" lingers in the memory of the locals. Supposedly "relatives" of the Crobak, these dark-plumaged birds are recognized by their characteristic squawk that resembles their name, "Bak Bak". Popular belief suggests that this sound is a dark incantation that has confounded peasants for generations, considered a warning that death is approaching.

The "Bak Bak" were said to be mysterious creatures and, according to stories, related to witches...