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The Mac I had been playing on blew up so I wasn't able to play for a few months. Now I've got another 'puter and I am pleased with the design choices and balance changes. But I see one issue. When you guys made the RIGHT CALL and limited the max number of Krosmics to 7, you inadvertently crippled Sadida as Sadida is a class that relies on flexibility and niche plays more than any other. Now that the Niche-est cards in the game have been limited to only 7 I find that deck building for Sadida seems...
By StarsInTheSky - 2017-07-12 02:40:06 in Your Decks
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I'm posting a deck that just performed better than I thought. I was able to complete the Stunning! quest on my first try with it (in Unranked of course )

Skidmonk is the anchor of this deck as he provides value to every minion including the Trees. His attack bonus synergizes with the armor bonuses that seeds provide, allowing your minions to blanket the board with gradual persistent pressure.

Darkli Moon, Miranda, Knowledge of Dolls, and Lilotte are your major trump cards.

Using Bushes and Trees...
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For me, it's a 10 out of 10.  I have been complaining about Sadida, but then I looked at my collection and I realized that I don't even have a single new Sadida card except for Botany.  So my experience with Sadida is hardly representative of where it actually is at.

But as far as all the other classes I'm seeing all kinds of new synergies and evidence that the devs really understand the design spaces of this game. Giving Xelor a reason to spam minions for a change, as well as giving Iop a reason...