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Hello !

So, as the thread title says, I am buying Khamelerost Skins for 1,500 kamas ea. If you have some, please take contact. Server is Zatoishwan, and you can /w me. My player name is Customary, but you can also send personal message to Custodian, which is my sacrier alt. I am usually online between 12.00 - 6 pm (Gmt +2)

~ Thanks!
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First, I'll got to say that I'm sorry if there's already thread about this subject. I tried to search topics like this and yes, I found some topics but they didn't discuss about this what I have in my mind.
And second, I'm sorry for my bad english!! <_<

But, to the topic. So, I've been playing Dofus 2.0 for two months now and I'll have to say that I'm pretty impressed!
At the beginning, I was like "OMFG... NOOO! I'm sure it'll be bad. Bye bye Dofus, miss ya!" but then I realized...