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Ceremonial items are a big deal because looks are everything.
Mimisymbics are amazing because I can change my look.
Living items are great because looking cool makes the game so much better.
Remember the Noh Capes when they 1st hit?
Hornmet is arguably the best looking hat in the game and goes for around 15mk on my server.

So why oh why did Ankama make the Osa Chance and Strength fusions so ugly?
I want to change back to osa but... ugh !

And the toad summons look so bad.
Same with the Mask Big...
By StalenW - 2019-03-04 00:51:15 in General Discussion
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I noticed that a lot of the random 3v3 kolossium matches are severely imbalanced.
Pairing me up with a level 165 character with 2700 HP vs all 200's (some with over 4000 HP and Crazy damage)  is a lost 99% of the time. You know some of these Ecas and Iops can deal over 2000 damage the 1st turn right? 

How can one move up in rank with those odds?
I suggest a stat cap. A Level 165 character with decent resis and HP is something Im sure most people can work with.  I will try to post a picture/example...