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Just out of curiousity and my own lack of understanding,

Why are Braks/Bonts able to aggress Neutrals at all? This applies to all servers and not restricted to the Heroic server.

Is it to:

1) Keep people out of their territory? If so, it may help if neutral aggression can only be carried out on aligned maps by the corresponding aligned characters, which would pretty much keep people in Astrub or force them to join an alignment, in which they may choose to participate in alignment fights or simply...
By StVier - 2008-10-01 07:12:29 in Suggestion Box
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Maybe this is a stupid/dumb/ridiculous/insane/crazy etc. idea but it might appeal to some people, if not too much of a hassle to incorporate into the game and I think this has been mentioned somewhere in this forum before as well.

On the notion that running away is an option in any fight, why not offer it as a chance to survive any encounter especially on the Heroic Server? Add to the fact that Neutrals have no option to attack aligned people and are very much the punching bags of the population,...