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I've encountered a bug whilst using Wagnar within my Cra deck (unknown if it occurs in other factions), where upon death it doesn't reduce the mana cost of Garghoul (potentially other ghouls, have only noticed with Garghoul). Wagnar is drawn by Ghoul but doesn't appear to be triggering the horde effect upon death.
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Hello, huge fan of the game, and I adore all the gods and their associated animations and emotes. 

Whilst I was watching some episodes of Wakfu season 3 though, I couldn't help but wonder whether we might one day get to play as some of the gods' children (cosmetic wise).

Does anyone know whether questions on cosmetics have already been answered?
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Started playing a few days ago with a friend, both of us have been thoroughly enjoying the game, especially since it has a lot less rng than other card games. Never played either of the mmo's but got into the world via Krosmaster and I've since fallen in love with masqueraiders. So, as the title suggests, I was wondering if anyone knows whether more will be added, either to neutral or Sadida (I assume that it likely wouldn't be its own class since Sadida is their patron).