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NOX-Ariez Sacrier Lvl 90 Rubilax

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By Zebulous - 2013-06-24 02:40:33 in Technical Issues
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I just got home from work and haven't played Wakfu in a year (was considering getting back into it) and I also got the no proxy available. hope it gets fixed soon.
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Water Sac, The ability to refresh your opponent with a tall glass of water.
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Never feed ur pet, but if u do, make sure to feed it alot of "Canoon powder" all at once, the chatfeed will say he doesn't like it, but just keep doing it until your bow meow gets a taste for it, then he will be strong and healthy. That is also the only way you can have the "Fire bow meow" where it has flames animations.

You are welcome for the pro tip.