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Your request is not clear enough, if you wish to go further then please provide us more details:

account name: first and last name: date of birth: email used: Transaction ID rejected :
What happened to you? What do you expect from us? Do you have still the same issue?
(Please can you upload a screenshot of your issue on and provide us the URL)

Then we will see what can be done.

Keep using this ticket number.(1 matter, 1 ticket)



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1.) So, now that we have faithfully sent tickets. "Generally", how long does it take to get a response and reply? Because now I'm noticing some posts stating that its been OVER a week and STILL NO response.

2.) What is irritating is that the website has me listed as a subscriber (because I have paid). But when I log into support and submit a ticket, what's my issue? The subscription hasn't come through. So what does that do to my PRIORITY? NON-SUBSCRIBER.

Can you see where my frustration...