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 IGN - Slaughterz - dofus touch -- Grandapan 

I have been playing Dofus since 2007. I am originally from Rushu and currently playing Dofus Touch (Server Grandapan). 

Level: 200 
class: Iop
Guild: Rise
Status : Former subscriber

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With all the talk about market and economic longevity how about we incorporate a change to an already existing feature "Achievement Rewards".

Upcoming changes and additions to the game specifically new gear sets being added I think it would be beneficial for achievement drops to be repeatable since they were nerfed from 10 materials down to 3. I would like to suggest a limit of 2-3 times being allowed to be repeat achievements solely for drops but even new titles or ornaments specifically designed...
By SpartanzMage - 2019-04-19 21:20:23 in Suggestion Box
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Dear Developers, Fellow Players, Moderators, 

I am going to break this post into three sections making this post easier to follow. First being the overall activity in this server. Second being in game purchases within the Dofus Touch community regarding current revenue and potential growth. Third being changes that need to be made to keep current players on Grandapan and not leaving to other servers let alone other game platforms. 

Activity in our Server (Grandapan) has been dwindling for months...
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Rare Items

I was  wondering if there are going to be any exotic shields or set pieces introduced into dofus touch. For example Julith Set, Skullcrusher, The Hispanic Shield.... Is there any way we will be able to gain access to such items... In the past it was only obtainable by Pre ordering certain items, attending local events, and special server. I would love for you guys to really push something for the players of dofus touch to give us something fun and cool to play with. Doesnt have to be...