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I bought 1k ogrines, after buying it showed I had 0 even though transaction was successful, so I logged out and logged back in to the website.

It then showed I had 1k ogrines, great.

I then purchased 3 shushumi weapons (300 each)

I now have a balance of 100 ogrines according to my account info in the upper right, so it appears the purchases went through.

I have not received the weapons despite logging in and out of Dofus Retro multiple times on this account. I've bought other shushumi weapons...
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I am considering creating a new character on each of my 6 accounts and then running class dopples most days to make a little money I need for sets. I was wondering what class/element would be best to run the dopples in an adventurer set, or some other cheap low level set? I figured keeping them under level 20 would be best for quick fights. Or I suppose under 40 if that's better since that gives a lot more options. Also it'd be nice if more then one class and build were suggested since it would get...
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Need to know what Ross eats, is it just cawwots? Is there a 1.29 guide for getting to wabbit island if that is the case (hope not)? Went to wabbit island back in the day but for the life of me can't remember. Or if you know something easily accessible to noobs like me (on Retro) that isn't used for scrolling that works too.