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Need to know what Ross eats, is it just cawwots? Is there a 1.29 guide for getting to wabbit island if that is the case (hope not)? Went to wabbit island back in the day but for the life of me can't remember. Or if you know something easily accessible to noobs like me (on Retro) that isn't used for scrolling that works too.
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I don't know if this falls under a suggestion or bug. I have Dofus set to maximize the window when I launch it, not fullscreen, just to fill my screen. For some reason with updates this will work for an update or two, then stop working after another update, and back and forth. I find it annoying as I play multiple accounts, so I have to sit and click each window then click the maximize button in the corner. I would like it to launch the windows how I have it set on the properties of the dofus icon...
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Remove aggro from monsters areas where there is not a dofus to be obtained. This is a seriously frustrating mechanic, especially in cramped places like fungus caverns.I pay to play not pay to wait, which is what I have to do often in areas with aggro monsters for no real reason, wait, wait, wait until they move. Then if I do fight them cuz they won't move they respawn right where they were; still blocking me. The result; time wasted on a fight I didn't want and still in the same place waiting for...