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Honestly I I like playing against fecas I enjoy a good challenge! 
sure rallying can seem op but when you look at it most people who play feca are trying to play like an iop with a sheild. 
So pretty predictable in that sense.
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That was on point I loved it.
would like to know your main?
As I play Xelor for obvious reasons I like to gank 1ap summons.
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Literally just beat a sac/jelly deck 
by beat I mean bearly it was intense to try and cope with almost 6-10 jellies at a time but I scraped through 
With my Xelor deck focused on wrecking up too 3 dofus in one turn if I get my AP high enough and the right hand of cards. 
Luckily my deack is pretty versatile and it ended up being my ***Goultard, a Grinch and a teleportation spell that saved my ass. Viva La Goultard!