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Necromancer Dos Animal Osamodas Lvl 198 Rubilax
Saras Ecaflip Lvl 192 Rubilax
Tais Tuprada Masqueraider Lvl 191 Rubilax
Bê Lesminha Xelor Lvl 137 Rubilax
Maquina De Sexo Vi Foggernaut Lvl 114 Rubilax

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I thought it wasn't possible in later lvls, but i've seen a friend play like that and it interessed me very much.

For Survivability:
Animal Sharing seems recommended (as is not using Boowolf's Fury) for pets' resistances, and of course not neglecting your own resistances is very important. If you have low res, it may be better sticking at single summoning.

Although it seems counter intutive, you may want to not have as much HP to keep your summons' HP lower, making the most of the fact that the...
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Slow Down has another use in being the cheapest option to hit a target in Tempus Fugit, yeah I agree it's kinda niche.
You can have it for AP poison with Shriveling which is niche too I guess?

I agree with you on Sinistro

About Tock Tick, I see a lot of Xelors (including myself) using Clock for the indirect damage, for me it's a must if you have water dmg
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I bring great news from the future