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I've mained Iop for my entire Dofus career and I want to try a new Class on Temporis.
I've played several Iop builds, Int or Int/X is my favorite. My play style fits every brainless Iop stereotype. I don't want something that is too big of a tactical step-up from Iop but I want to start using my brain. 
Any suggestions?
By Soren-Sevier - 2016-10-08 17:41:17 in Enutrof
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Hi, I've been playing Dofus on and off for about 10 years now and the class that I've seen the least of over those years has to be the Enutrof (calculating that Pandawas-Huppermages had not been released yet when I started). I seriously doubt that this is because they're a less powerful class than others, in fact from my observations, they're one of the most powerful classes I've ever seen. They have taken away all of my MP, absorbed the majority of my damage for individual turns via living bag,...
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I'm a Rushu Iop and I'm looking for more friends that I can run dungeons, queue for kolossium, and hunt for experience with. As of this post I'm level 173 and I'm currently focused on leveling up to 199, and getting my 3 alt accounts (ENI/FECA/MASQ 85-125) up to ~150 and into some gear. I can only speak fluently in English and I'm from North America. Message me in game if you want to play together! If you're a new player feel free to send me a message as well, I love helping out with the...