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By Soomie - 2017-04-06 22:56:09 in General Discussion
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If they "Balance" xelor and sacriers based on PVP, why did they didn't "balance" Cancer classes as Sadidas, Huppermages and Ouginaks,
Sadidas fully heal themselves each turn, let u in 0 MP forever, Charge a doll which hits u +3000, a long etc..

Huppermages take u up to 400 on your element, and they boost 500 or more.. that makes u hit nothing while they hit a lot... they can kill u with 2 AP...

And ouginaks, basically Godmode, TP whatever he wants to, heals a lot(+dokoko), a masqueraider shield...
By Soomie - 2017-02-03 02:15:14 in General Discussion
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Actually, when someone try to make an Exo AP/MP/Range, you spend millions of kamas and something more precious than that, Real time(Hours~days) .
There's people(like me, for example) that have almost 0% luck on life (Sad), and doing this ends in raging and frustration.
It would be interesting if they could change that a little bit, keeping it's difficulty (and not Breaking the economy), but in a way that you're not loosing your time if you're unlucky.
That's why it's called Smithmagic, you're...