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Coke Scarlet Cra Lvl 160 Nox
Bazookaz Rogue Lvl 154 Nox
Chileepaperz Masqueraider Lvl 143 Nox
Menelaos Basil Ecaflip Lvl 115 Nox
Belle Ve Dear Pandawa Lvl 110 Nox

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For any under the Nox server that knows me, Coke Scarlet, or any of my alts (Redz, Belle ve Dear, Chileepaperz, Bazookaz, Menelaos Basil)… please note that I most-likely won't be returning to Wakfu. I love the game, I love the lore but the demolition of the nations broke my heart and I can no longer support a game where content is consistently being taken from the players. Should they ever do away with the dumb idea removing all that space of national character and adventure, I'll return. Until...
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Okay so, it's been a while since I've been on and while all the updates and what not are cool, why does something always have to go wrong?

Harp Emote. It plays for a second and then it stops. Sometimes hardly even plays, it'll stop as soon as it starts. Can this be fixed?

Cover Your Eyes Emote. Showing the same problems as the Harp... it'll stop a second after it starts, or even immediately.

Cupe Em All game. I'm the sucker who lose 40kamas trying it again and again to see if it was maybe just...