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By SensualWetfart - 2012-04-26 21:48:02 in Enutrof
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Maybe that old Sylvan Bag trick is next on the chopping block? I hope not; it's amusing as it is cheap (especially with clueless perc attackers on hand).

Anyhow, what you wrote (and have been writing) is really in full agreement with what I've been saying since my first post in this topic:

Enus excel far too much at being able to drop things --- too much, to the point where many players refuse to play without their drop-whore Enu alts. To the point where even Enu 'main' players who strive for the...
By SensualWetfart - 2012-04-26 21:48:02 in Enutrof
31 7252
Revil-Nunor|2012-04-30 03:34:35Solopunk|2012-04-30 03:27:49 Fecas are a PvP first class, without a doubt. And Ankama has stated multiple times that Wakfu features are not coming to Dofus, don't bother asking.

You can try to sell the jack-of-all-trades spiel for the Enu, you are definietly not the first, but the fact is I, and probably the large majority of people, will kick the Enutrof to the curb and replace him with something better if Living Chest stops being able to drop things and turns into...
By SensualWetfart - 2012-04-26 21:48:02 in Enutrof
31 7252
This latest Chest nerf is great and wonderful.

I applaud Ankama for finally addressing something that has been abused and out of control for years.

Of course, I'm "guilty" of it as much as anyone else -- but I'm not taking any blame, as someone who wanted to try out a str/int Enu build before stat resets ever became a possibility. (I didn't quit playing my chance Enu when this str/int Enu was made; why should I have put aside a ton of hard work while experimenting with a different build?)