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Member since 2018-01-14


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Osamodas Lvl 200 Brutas
- Bratva -

Activity on the dofustouch Forum

By Solomiia - 2019-08-22 22:46:10 in Bug Reports
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From patch 1 to 5: The Martyr Spell inflicts 100% damage through Red Wyrm, Boar and Koalak, but sometimes 50% damage through Tofu and, in all the cases, 50% damage sacrificing Gobball. Why those differences?

From patch 6: The Martyr Spell doesn't inflicts any effect.
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I know Kimbo dungeon is level 160 but there are 200-level characters that still do not understand how to beat the Kimbo, many players do not understand how squares work. There are many kids playing Dofus and I do not understand why Ankama put such complicated thematics (like Count Harebourg or the new 404-level monster). I am an adult, 200-level player and I am still thinking that the instructions are not clear. I propose to change the way to take away the Kimbo's invulnerability, in exchange, perhaps...
By Solomiia - 2018-07-16 02:07:42 in Suggestion Box
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Please add the option to remove the floating shop button, it is annoying. Not everyone uses a huge phone or a tablet; every space on the phone is essential.