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StrangerDanger|2010-11-29 04:44:00Quick question, since I never got past level 28, is there any cheap way to reset stats or skills? o;

Also did you max all of those skills?

Yea, you can stat and skill reset in Incarnam Inn. The fairy girl thing. You can reset em both until you hit 30.

I maxed TrickyTrap first, then Blow.

cast trap 3 cells behind target, blow, then walk away. Untouchable!
12 2499
StrangerDanger|2010-11-29 03:37:00Huh. I guess I'd prefer being useful to the group, because in the Incarnam dungeon today, My traps screwed over the game plan and what not.
What set would be a good set for an Agi Sram? (Possibly not to EXP)
I also have a bunch of Gobball stuff to sell. (Not really, all the equipment except Hat and Cape x1, bought them from different people who typo'd and forgot one 0 p: )

Also what skills should I level up?

I was in teh same shoes. I ended up sticking to Str...
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Character you want to apply for in VA : Sochbeatz
Level : 29
Class : Sram
Element(s) : Earth (for now)
Profession(s) : Lumberjacking? I really don't bother with this yet.
level of Profession : 2?
Alts : Sochboomz and Sochmeow
Alts levels : 20 and 8?
Reasons why you want to be in VA : Seemingly friendly. I like playing/chatting; it makes the game less mundane.
Reasons why you left your old guild if applicable : The leader had a trillion alts, all in the guild. Most players i'd seen on was 3, including...