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Melissamccatney Ecaflip Lvl 130 Remington
Omulette Sacrier Lvl 130 Remington
Pullingout Ecaflip Lvl 129 Nox
Tohst Feca Lvl 129 Remington
Avocahdo Masqueraider Lvl 119 Remington

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By SochFEST - 2014-09-16 21:16:36 in Ecaflip
8 3737
I'd like to compile a list of PVP builds for Ecas, because its severely lacking.

After the Riktus update, I was running around as Earth Fire.

My choice of skills were
Heads or Tails All-In Three Card Craps Die Alright!
Passives maxed were
Eca Tarot Eca Die Precision Feline Leap I didn't max Paws Off yet because I wanted DoQ more, but its suggested you should get POff.
Skills maxed were
Double or Quits Cat Tree
I statted AP and Range because I could always use leap for mobility/breaking lock AND...
By SochFEST - 2014-07-31 17:51:17 in Suggestions
1 2172
The supported resolutions work well enough, but for those that have bigger resolutions than 1600x800, it becomes a bit of a problem.

A lot of text is hard to read. I would love to have the ability to scale UI up to fit my personal needs.

This is what it looks like for me, playing at 1768x992.

Click here