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Osamodas Lvl 142 Ilyzaelle

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By Snoowman - 2018-07-06 04:37:55 in DOFUS Retro
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Is the shop still open for the 1.29 servers? Can I still get a pink Dragoone?
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Are a Feca and an Osa a good duo for starting out fresh? How are they in late game? 
If so, what are the recommended builds for each class?
I haven't been around all these new class revamps, but these two classes seem really cool to me.

Thank You
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This team is only for Pvm. I'm barely getting through frigost 2 and soon I want to try frigost 3.
My team consist of:

Xelor 200 Str
Iop 199 Str
Cra 199 Str/Cha
Panda 194 Cha
Eni 192 Int
Sram 192 Str
Eca 160 Wis(soon to be Agi/Cha)

I know I'm missing Agi chars maybe I should switch the Sram? (I really like lethal attack though, or at least hybrid Str/Agi). Or any class change? And which build?

Any suggestions?