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To whom it may concern.

I understand that certain items in-game are untradable for various reasons, however I do not see the logic behind not being able to share Ogrine shop items between your own characters on the same account.

The booster costs 3000 ogrines and with it comes the option to use an account chest that allows you to share items between your own characters on one account.

Scroll of Absolution costs 4000 ogrines and it is not meant to be traded to other people but to be used by the...
By Snayd - 2014-08-19 06:41:07 in Technical Issues
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By Snayd - 2012-04-16 10:23:06 in Technical Issues
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Everytime I log in, in approximately 10 seconds, i get disconnected, no matter how much i try to log in and try again, this always happens.

I can see people running around and playing normally, I can even chat within those 10 seconds, everything is normal.

However for some reason I always get disconnected.

I have checked my firewall, and I have put wakfu.exe on allow/safe

Every other mmorpg works perfectly fine.

Browser works perfectly fine

Every download works perfectly fine

Only on wakfu...