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By SmuglyDuckling - 2019-09-18 21:35:24 in Sacrier
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I feel like I may be misunderstanding the proposed Sacrier changes for the upcoming beta according to the dev post.

I really appreciate that the self-casting mechanic is being removed for the listed and obvious reasons: it's needlessly taxing and chokes out multi-elemental builds. I also LIKE the idea of replacing the vitality malus with some other form of penalty, even bringing back self-damage is an interesting idea...

I just don't feel like I understand a situation in which you'd ever want to...
By SmuglyDuckling - 2019-08-02 00:03:24 in Sacrier
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After spending some time with the new Sacrier, I have some thoughts about some of the specific design choices.

The summary of my feedback is: I like the overall design, I appreciate the need for the changes, and I think that their implementation definitely has the best interest of the class at heart. I think the Sac's power level is more than adequate, despite the challenges that close-combat classes have with higher level PvM content in general (I don't do much PvP, so don't care to comment on...
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Now that I've had a couple of days to digest the Sacrier changes and try out a half-dozen combinations, I can say that I'm starting to enjoy it quite a bit.

Before the 2.45 patch I was, like many of you, mono-element Chance. The absurd amount of life steal made for a very comfy playstyle that I probably started to take for granted. When I first experienced the changes, I hated them. Even after messing around with the variations for awhile, I knew I'd be buying some new gear and changing elements.