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[PIWI] - Piwin 

Brand new alliance, actively looking for new guilds to join us in the pursuit of fun, groups and friends.

No focus bias with regards to PvM/PvP currently. Lots of new characters, and the average level is around the 50~ mark currently. 

If you like the idea of being part of a new and upcoming alliance, then either hit me up in-game or just message any of our members and they'll get in touch with me.

Point of Contact: Smuggle, Gelano, Minna

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Nox Astra

The latest, and *cough* greatest guild you or anyone else will ever hear of or see. We are a brand spanking new guild, looking for friendly & active English speakers to join us. 

Why us? Why not.

Level Requirements? We don't have any. You don't need to be level 200 to have fun here.

What is there to gain? Friends, fun, and of course levels. We run dungeons regularly, and a few of us are longterm PC players, myself personally, I began in 2004 on Rushu. We can provide knowledge,...